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Teacher events

We run conferences, networking and training for chemistry teachers 

Teacher programs


November Lectures

Our annual professional development day was held on Friday November 24 and was focused on essential preparation for the new Unit 3 and 4 study designs.

Keynote speakers were on the chromatography and spectroscopy of drug testing and the actions of proteins with a two special collaborative sessions on the new kinds of SACs.

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Bookings are closed

Ken Mappin Award

The CEA Ken Mappin Prize for a Beginning Chemistry Teacher is awarded in November each year to an Education student who is completing a method in Chemistry and is judged by the selection committee to be the best applicant.

The prize is $1000. Applications are closed for 2023. The application form is available for information purposes. Applications will re-open in late 2024.

Travel Scholarship

The CEA Travel Scholarship is awarded every second year for travel to an overseas chemistry conference. The value of the scholarship will be $5000.


Applications are closed and will reopen in 2025. The application form is available for information purposes only.

Early Career


Mentoring and Networks
  • We run a mentoring program for early career teachers that is particularly tailored to teachers who are in small rural schools. Apply here.

  • Prospective mentors can apply here


  • The Early Career Chemistry Network have a vibrant and supportive Facebook group and regular meetings. Contact Alex Colussa or go to the Facebook page for more information. 



Chemistry Olympiad Training Program

The 14-week training program is offered by CEA and The University of Melbourne and covers all concepts in Year 12 Chemistry as well as selected first year university topics. Aside from being excellent preparation for the Australian Olympiad Exam, it's a fantastic extension program for Year 11 students and an excellent head start for Year 12.

Sessions run on Monday evenings,  5:30-7:30pm, from 18 March - 22 July (avoiding School/Public Holidays). The program will held in person at the University of Melbourne, with online and recorded options available. T

Cost: $330 per student

VCE Chemistry Revision Lectures

This full day revision lecture will take you through the whole of Units 3 and 4 of VCE chemistry with study tips and hints on the best ways to answer exam questions. You'll get live answers to all your questions with fantastic preparation for the final exam. The sessions are presented by Lanna Derry, who is a highly experienced chemistry teacher and exam marker, Head of Science at Tintern Grammar School and author of many chemistry textbooks for VCE and IB.

The program is primarily for students in regional or low SES schools but is available for all students. 

Cost: FREE

Venue: Online

The 2023 Revision lecture was held on 18 September.

Bookings are closed until mid-2024
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